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I love a top down shooter game lol. The music also fit the game perfectly and hyped me up honestly. As for critiques: 

- It would be really cool if  the player were facing the enemy they were supposed to be shooting at, like when you kill one enemy the player automatically turns to face the next one. 

- The reload time is a tad slow. I suggest tweaking the time it takes to reload or changing the rate at which enemies spawn in. I felt like I was missing a lot of enemies. 

- Also the scoring seems to be a bit off. I don't know if it was because I was missing enemies but my score just stayed stagnant at 100 for the whole game. 

It's very satisfying to headshot enemy, I enjoyed it a lot. But I do feel like once I miss some of the shots and the enemies begin to get too close the only way to recover is to spam spacebar and forget about landing headshot until enemies are pushed far enough.

Also a target indicator should be nice. Sometimes I do happen to misjudge which enemy is going to be shot next.

Ah yes, Boom Headshot, the hidden sequel to the timeless classic, Boomer's Jigsaw.  I do like the concept, but I did find a weird bug. For some reason, once my score reaches 100, it cant increase. Additionally, I think it would be cool if there was some visual juice/indication when I shoot a specific target. Maybe a bullet goes out to that target, or the gun faces at the most recent shot target. Additionally, I do think the music was a bit too loud.