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sweet but kinda boring


I really liked the calm vibe of this game. The turtle is super adorable and the swimming animation is nice as well. The sounds in the game work really well with the tone and mood you are trying to set. I think because the game is so simple, it would be nice to be able to customize things for the pet turtle, like the color of the sand castle and the calcium lamp. I think it would be also fun to add a decorating element to the game, like adding more plants, rocks, etc. I also think adding an eating animation would make the experience more seamless, as right now it seems the turtle kinda just absorbs the food. Great work overall! 


Hey Justin!

I used to help take care of the turtles in my Environmental Science class and I have to say this one has a much nicer vibe. Way less bite-y. And cleaner. I enjoyed playing this little pet game very much. I think the limited UI made me feel more like looking at an actual tank than a lot of the interfaces mainstream pet games. I also think your turtle AI is really successful here. To me it feels like a little animal and moves pretty natural and while it is pretty simple I think it really adds to the immersion and relaxing nature of your game. I agree with some of what others said that customizing the tank could be cool. I also think a little logic to polish the food spawning so it doesn't displace itself by spawning two pieces on top of one another when you click in the same place twice would actually go along way to improve the game feel and help me better focus on the relaxing vibe. I enjoyed my time with this game, thanks for sharing it!


I love the my turtle. I could see myself just having it in the corner of my desktop and hanging out with it every once in a while when I need a break. The simple pixel art is great and conveys the perfect vibe for this game. My one comment is I wish there was more of this game! I think it would be cool to be able to customize your turtles tank! Super cool relaxing game!


This is so sweet! The music choice and the little bubbling sound effects make this just a wonderfully chill and touching little experience. The tank is really lovingly detailed, and being able to turn the lamp is a very nice touch. 

I do wish their was a little more interaction, even just by having the lamp affect the lighting on the turtle, or if it could go behind the castle or seaweed. I also managed to get the turtle stuck off screen accidentally by spawning some food at the bottom of the screen, leading to it to swim presumably forever to try and catch it.

This is again really wonderful, and has been wonderful to keep poking at even as I write this. Great job!


A true vibe! I really like the music and sound you chose for this. I also got weirdly nostalgic, like even though I never had a turtle, I feel like I had done this or played something like this a lot when I was younger. I'm not generally a person who likes to play relaxing games, I tend to gravitate towards the most stressful entertainment possible. However, this little turtle kept me playing this for a good while, I just didn't want to leave the little guy. I really like the decorations you put it the tank, it really makes the space feel alive.

I think one of criticism would be that the turtle's back legs don't move, and I think if you added that to the animation it would go a long way. Also, it looks like the food disappears once it hits the turtle's shell instead of its mouth. Other than that, a nice relaxing little experience!